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Bailaho - The B2B Business Directory

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Die B2B-Firmensuche von Bailaho ist mehrfach ausgezeichnet für das professionelle präsentieren von Firmen im B2B-Bereich

Bailaho ist als Firmensuche B2B für Firmen Mitgied in den wichtigsten Verbänden

Bailaho - die B2B-Firmensuchmaschine für Deutschland

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A listing in the B2B Business Directory Bailaho supports every company with extra visibility in the world wide web. And why your company isn't on Bailaho yet?


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Metal Industry and Metal Processing

Mechanical Engineering and Industry

Vehicles and Transport

Chemistry, Medicine and Pharmacy

Rubber and Raw Materials

Wood and Furniture

Building Construction / Civil Engineering

Glass and Building Materials

Precision Equipment

Electronic Data Processing (EDP)


Electrics and Electrotechnology

Paper and Cardboard

Printing Industry and Publishing Products

Logistics, Forwarding and Transport

Corporate Services

Energy and Raw Materials

Agriculture and Animal Breeding

Firms and Providers

B2B-search Firms Company Search Providers Delivery Product Search

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Propulsion Technology

Measuring Technology



Industrial Supplies

Air-Conditioning Technology / Refrigeration Technology

Surface Engineering

Security Technology

Semi-Finished Products / Materials


B2B Business Directory. A further location for each company in the world wide web.

A business listing on our B2B Business Directory builds a further virtual location in the web for more vissibility by an additional channel.

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