Direkt-Links (optional)

Direct Deep Links in your Business Listing (optional)

One-Click-Solution: Direct access to the right information on your website

Guide visitors to the important and correct information without major click detours

Direct links bring visitors directly to the desired information on your website. Incidentally, they also increase your link popularity, because they are real backlinks that link from a keyword-relevant page to your thematically affine subpage. The corresponding sub-pages of your website are linked within your advertising text in your listing on Bailaho; the links are named after your important keywords so that the major search engines such as Google & Co. index the link in the advertising text under the name of the keyword.

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Direct links: Reach your goal faster

Direct links should bring visitors to your company profile to their destination more quickly, namely to the desired information on your website; without major click detours via the home page of your website, where the user has to reorient himself and navigate again. One click and it's where it's supposed to be.

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Increase link popularity for subpages

A positive side effect of the direct links is that you also increase the link popularity of your subpages. After all, the lion's share of all links on the web always go to your home page or root domain. The subpages are linked the least. With direct links to Bailaho, you counteract this with an additional link source to your subpages.

Firmen suchen und finden mit der Firmensuche von Bailaho

Positive side effect: Backlinks

Another positive side effect are the backlinks, which are evaluated by the direct links. Always verifiable by backlink test tools..