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Modern manufacturing companies are clearly structured, have optimized workflows and want to focus on their service delivery. We see ourselves as an ideal partner for fine mechanical and micromechanical components.
We supply complex assemblies as well as specific precision parts, giving you a clear competitive advantage.
The name Texpart stands for Technical EXport PARTs and underlines our focus on export.

The Swiss company was founded in 1981 by Walter Merkli. The idea came from business trips to Scandinavia and other European countries. It turned out that there was a vital interest in a partner from the Land of Watches, who can supply precision parts and technically sophisticated components. The proverbial Swiss precision, which established the worldwide reputation of our machine and watch industry, is part of our corporate philosophy and is practiced daily at Texpart.

High precision fine mechanical and micromechanical components for machines and devices are our strength. Close manufacturing tolerances and consistent quality are in high demand here.

Since the company was founded in 1981, TEXPART technics specializes in the manufacture of sophisticated, precision mechanical parts. Thanks to decades of experience in the design and manufacture of precise construction and machine elements, you benefit from a wealth of know-how. Our high-precision, sophisticated micromechanical components are manufactured from a wide range of materials and material connections using efficient high-tech machining centers and production robots.


Assemblies simplify and accelerate the production of your products. Providing quality assemblies is an important part of our services. We procure the components, assemble the assemblies reliably, check their function and deliver on time.

High productivity and concentration on the core business are essential for a successful business. We support you with tailor-made services that make you more competitive and increase your flexibility.


Not only miniaturized turned and milled parts benefit from our cooperation with TEXPART technics. The required parts are delivered precisely to your specifications, within the specified tolerances, precisely manufactured, inspected and delivered on time.

High-precision turned and milled parts in a wide variety of shapes, materials and designs - complex and less complex - are our daily business. As a customer, we not only offer you technical competence and considerable relief, but also consistency and continuity.


Punched and shaped parts take on a wide variety of tasks and are particularly demanding in terms of production engineering in the smallest dimensions. We attach great importance to precise workmanship and quality. Regardless of whether it concerns stamped, bent or drawn parts, springs, but also injection molded or MIM, profiled or forged parts - careful, reliable work is a matter of course for us and our manufacturing companies.

Fine and micromechanics are our hobby. This also includes non-cutting formed punched and formed parts, which can be additionally machined and post-treated as required. Benefit from our productivity and our expertise.


Hard materials are characterized by mechanical resistance and perform special tasks in technology and industry.

Mechanically resistant materials are essential for many applications. Among other things, we process composite materials, metal carbides, ceramics, ruby, sapphire and hard metals. Composite materials that optimally combine the properties of different materials are particularly widespread. The main applications of hard materials are wear-resistant machine parts, coatings and special tools. These include, for example, inserts (eg inkjets), weights (eg automotive industry) and nozzles (eg medical technology or water cutting). With TEXPART technics, the smallest possible hole diameters of 0.04 mm can be achieved with hard materials.

First-class service means expertise, courtesy, sincerity, speed, flexibility and helpfulness. Completed by a broad network, various manufacturing processes, 3D-CAD and 3D visualization. Benefit from framework contracts with a free consignment warehouse!


We are quality-conscious and strive for continuous improvement. To ensure the processes and for a perfect traceability we are ISO 9001 certified.
In QS, common procedures such as AQL or MIL and an independent, STS 544-certified measurement laboratory are available.


Texpart Svenska AB
Box 7290
Polygonvägen 1
SE-187 14 Täby
T +46 8 732 54 00

Texpart Technics India PVT LTD
Opp. Post Office
Door no. 3-45 / 10 (3)
IN-575 007 Kannur Mangalore

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Texpart Handels AG in 5612 Villmergen

Company Texpart Handels AG from 5612 Villmergen Bailaho: The company Texpart Handels AG offers products and services like PRECISION, MICROMECHANICS, COMPONENTS, DREHTEILE und Frästeile. Send an inquiry o this company to set the first steps in a business contact. Please let the company know that you found them on Bailaho.

Texpart Handels AG 5612 Villmergen  PRECISION,  MICROMECHANICS,  COMPONENTS,  DREHTEILE und  Frästeile

Texpart Handels AG
Allmendstrasse 14a
5612 Villmergen

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Firmensuche B2B Firmen Texpart Handels AG
Firmensuche B2B Firmen Texpart Handels AG
Firmensuche B2B Firmen Texpart Handels AG

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