SEVA-tec GmbH

SEVA-tec GmbH

AC motor, geared motor, frequency inverter

Our qualified team engages in the process of searching for feasible ways to meet your needs. We supply quality as per ISO 9001 and CE standards, always guaranteeing the optimal price/performance ratio to you. Our goal is to sustainably satisfy the demands of our customers by finding intelligent solutions for their energy and drive system projects.

Individual solutions
You have not found in our product range what you are looking for? Our team will assist and support you here too – for example when it comes to choosing the right components.  Please feel free to contact us about it. We will be glad to assist in any way possible. As an electric motor expert and specialist for drive technology and energy systems, we are exactly the right address.  Our range of products includes three-phase motors, brake motors, single-phase motors, geared motors, worm gear motors, spur gear motors, flat gear motors, frequency inverters, substations, etc. With our know-how and in close cooperation with you, we work out the drive system that suits the needs of your processing plant.

Specific customer demands

Special motors and customer-specific motors can be built and supplied from our factory at a small surcharge and in an acceptable time of delivery. In addition, we can meet your wishes for express manufacturing by modifying the motors that we keep in stock at our factory in Ahlhorn.
In our workshop with engineering and paint shop facilities, we modify standard stock motors by e.g. enabling different voltages and/or frequencies, second shaft end, special bearings, motors with external fans, motors with mounted brake or motors with rotary encoders. With our after sales support, we are ready to assist you with any problems you may have. From AC motors through brake motors, EX motors, circular saw motors, grill motors, planetary gear motors, spur gear motors, flat gear motors, worm gearboxes,  single-phase motors (AC motors) to substations, we are here to support you with tailor-made concepts that help you increase the efficiency of your business. Convince yourself and put your trust in drive technology professionals!

Technical consulting and 3D drawings

With a lot of know-how – and in close cooperation with you, we work out the drive system that suits the needs of your processing plant. We are completely set up to consult with you to help you meet your objectives. If required, we will provide you with 3D drawings for your project planning. 


  • Electric Motors
  • Helical Gear Motors
  • Frequency Inverter
  • Accessories Drive Technology
  • Grill rotisserie motors
  • Substations



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    Lether Gewerbestraße 10
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SEVA-tec GmbH