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Intelligent solutions for your energy concept

Our qualified team engages in the process of searching for feasible ways to meet your needs. We supply quality as per ISO 9001 and CE standards, always guaranteeing the optimal price/performance ratio to you. Our goal is to sustainably satisfy the demands of our customers by finding intelligent solutions for their energy and drive system projects.


Electric motors

Electric motors from a specialist contractor 

JS-Technik GmbH is one of the leading suppliers on the electric motors online market in Germany. Our focus is on three-phase motors, frequency inverters and geared motors. You can also visit us via our subdomains elektromotor.co.

Gears / geared motors

Extensive selection of geared motors 

Our range of products includes worm gear motors, spur gear motors, flat gear motors, planetary gear sets, bevel gearboxes and many more. We're offering you drive systems of the highest quality. They stand out due to their high power and a long serviceable life. Moreover, they produce little noise, are subjected to little wear and are available in Atex design.


Frequency inverter

Low-priced frequency inverters for your individual application

JS-Technik GmbH is specialized on a wide range of challenges in the professional drive technology field with a focus on electric motors, frequency inverters and geared motors. The primary function of a frequency converter in aquatic applications is to provide energy savings. By controlling speed of a pump rather than controlling flow through use of throttling valves, energy savings can be substantial. By way of example, a speed reduction of 20% can yield energy savings of 50%. The following describes speed reduction and corresponding energy savings. In addition to energy savings, impeller, bearing and seal life is greatly improved.

Adjustable gear combinations

Geared motors with integrated control unit

Our general range of geared motors includes controllable drives. Thus, a variable-speed adjustment unit can be integrated with several gearbox sizes. We offer this with an integrated adjusting gear, which is mounted between the electric motor and the actual gearbox and is to be controlled by a handwheel. Furthermore, we offer the version with a frequency converter, which is mounted directly on the electric motor. The speed control can be done via the potentiometer or via the PC. These options apply to our complete gear range, i.e. for worm geared motors, helical geared motors, geared motors, planetary geared motors and bevel geared motors. You order and buy drives of the highest quality from us. They are characterized by high performance and long life / durability.



Accessories electric motors


Accessories geared motors


Accessories - Frequency inverter

Frequency inverter accessories

JS-Technik GmbH specializes in comprehensive challenges in the field of professional drive technology with a focus on frequency converters, three-phase motors and gear motors. Of course, we also offer you the necessary accessories. These also include potentiometers, remote cables, mounting adapters, connection cables, external control panels, mains chokes, Modbus interface cards, manual control units, Profibus interface cards, right / left switch with emergency stop in the housing and 0-10V foot switch.

Special and remaining items

JS-Technik motors are...
· three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motors, completely enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC).
· JS-Technik motors of the grey cast series are available in sizes 80 - 400 with 2, 4, 6, 10 and 12 poles;
  various combinations of two-pole or n-pole design (n ? 2), in sizes 160 to 315.
  The position of the terminal box is typically on the right. Terminal box on the left or at the top can be supplied on request.
· JS-Technik also offers three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motors in aluminium design, completely enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC). The JS-Technik motors are available in sizes 56 – 132 with 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles.
  The position of the terminal box is typically at the top. On request, motor sizes 63 - 132 can be supplied with the terminal box on the left or right.
· All JS-Technik motors are manufactured in accordance with IEC 34 – 1/9, IEC 85, DIN 57530 / VDE 0530-1291.
· Every JS-Technik motor in the size range of 160 - 400 mm has a grey-cast iron sheet on the drive side and on the opposite side.
· Class of protection: IP55, as per IEC 35-5 / DIN VDE 0530 Part 5
· Class of isolation: F
· Temperature increase: class F
· Colour of the surface finish: gentian blue (RAL 5010)
· Paint: primer paint (layer of approx. 30 µm) and surface finish paint for general industrial applications (layer of approx. 45 - 90 µm), climate zone worldwide as per EN721-2-1.




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JS-Technik GmbH
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Firmensuche B2B Firmen JS-Technik GmbH
Firmensuche B2B Firmen JS-Technik GmbH
Firmensuche B2B Firmen JS-Technik GmbH

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