Remag Leichtmetall GmbH

Remag Leichtmetall GmbH
Remag Leichtmetall GmbH is the expert for all issues regarding lightmetals such as alumnium and magnesium

Raw materials for casting industry
  • supply of primary and secondary alloys -
    standard and customized specifications
  • aluminium alloys
  • magnesium alloys
  • tolling of magnesium and aluminium scrap

Raw materials for alumnium industries

  • pure magnesium
  • pure aluminium
  • silicon metal 553/441/3303/2202
  • manganese flakes
  • all kind of master alloys like AlMn, AlTi, AlFe, AlCu
  • grain refineries like AlSr, AlTiB
  • aluminium scrap

Raw materials for magnesium industry
  • pure magnesium
  • pure Zn scrap
  • pure Al scrap
  • all kind of master alloys like AlMn, AlBe
  • refinery and coverage flux
  • magensium scrap

Auxiliary materials for iron and steel industry
  • pure magnesium pieces
  • pure magnesium granuels

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Remag Leichtmetall GmbH

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