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Samuel Werder AG

Werdstrasse 2
5106 Veltheim
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Werder Feinwerktechnik - CNC machining and production
- Precision for you.

For 6 decades Werder Precision Engineering has stood for precision, high productivity levels, flexibility and reliability. Factors which add up to one thing for our customers: a high degree of safety.

This is based firstly on ultra modern and flexible production planning and process control and, secondly, on a highly skilled team of precision and poly technicians and toolmakers with many years of expertise who get the best out of the 70 CNC machines for you. Finished pieces are then checked with six CNC measuring machines in a climate-controlled measuring chamber. There can be no compromises when it comes to safety.

Planning and production are coordinated by the experienced staff in our technical office assisted by administrative staff and poly technician apprentices.

Custom-made products - Precisely for you

As a general contractor, Werder Precision Engineering processes your orders from start to finish: from material procurement to production to delivery. On request this can also include finishing, laser engraving, assembly, packaging and delivery of partial quantities and safe and secure storage.

Our wide-ranging production programme can handle both short runs and series of up to 100,000 pieces. With our 70 CNC milling and turning machines we process aluminium, steel, titanium, silver, brass, bronze nickel silver, magnesium and plastics for you. The parts are finished - tempered, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, anodised, gold-plated, lacquered or laser engraved - according to your specifications - as a one-stop service.

The parts are manufactured precisely according to your drawings and specifications. We shall also be happy to assist you with the development of sophisticated pieces to determine the optimal and most cost-effective production technology.

We look forward to each new challenge to live up to our motto ‚Precisely for You’ rapidly and safely.

  • CNC turning
    We turn parts with diameters up to 250mm. When polygon turning, long turning, diamond turning and hard turning you benefit from our many years of experience. We turn metals such as aluminum, titanium and stainless steel within the narrowest tolerances.

  • CNC milling 
    We mill parts with dimensions from 1 x 1 x 1 mm up to 600 x 600 x 1500 mm for you. Parts with longish dimensions could be milled with a length up to 3000 mm. You will profit from our long-standing experience in milling. Metals such as aluminium, brass, titanium or high-grade steels are milled in narrowest tolerance ranges.

  • Other production processes 
    Alongside CNC turning and milling, we offer you numerous other production methods involving metal processing. Find out more about what we offer.

  • Laser engraving
    We mark your objects using the latest laser technology. Alongside all metals, we can now also mark (and if necessary cut) sensitive materials such as plastic, wood, cardboard, glass and more. 

  • Measuring technology
    Precision engineering calls for, and enables, maximum accuracy. It is primarily the task of our experienced specialists to guarantee this accuracy via exact programming of the CNC machines. Precise production is one thing, documenting it clearly and conclusively is another. This requires a suitable, completely climate-controlled measuring chamber, state-of-the-art CNC and 3-D measuring technologies, and corresponding know-how.

  • Metal Refining / Finish
    The production of every work piece is rounded off according to requirements by the final services of refinement, cleaning and the "Werder Finish". We see it as our noble duty to optimize every metal or plastic part, right through to the end of the manufacturing process. Perfectly deburred, spotlessly cleaned and professionally refined.

  • Assembly
    Werder assembles. Precisely for you. To meet the market's need for comprehensive services, we have set up a special service for qualified mounting of assemblies, from the simple to the complex. This means that you can have completely assembled components at your disposal on schedule, whereby the strictest of assembly guidelines are adhered to.



Werder Precision Engineering - CNC Processing and Manufacturing. Precise for you.

Precision is the measure of all things and with this in mind we welcome you warmly to the world of Werder Precision Engineering. This means that our focus is not only on maximum manufacturing precision - but also on high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our commitment is tailor-made to your wishes and includes everything from personal contacts to binding production dates to delivery and warehousing services. We are also happy to help you develop new parts and components.

It goes without saying that both quality and manufacturing cost are closely linked with a well thought-out design of complex parts.

Precisely for you - take us at our word!


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Samuel Werder AG
Werdstrasse 2
5106 Veltheim

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