ISOMA SA was founded in 1947 by Walter Moser and was until 2018 in the hands of the third generation of the Moser family. We manufacture precision optical measuring instruments. Our products are used in the watchmaking, pharmaceutical, machine, automotive and aerospace industries on a worldwide basis. Our headquarters, including our R&D, production and distribution facilities, is situated in the beautiful Swiss Lake District below the Jura mountains in the town of Brügg, near Biel/Bienne. Our comprehensive range of products includes workshop measuring microscopes, hardness testers and profile projectors.


  • Workshop measuring microscopes
  • Centering and setting microscopes
  • Hardness tester
  • EWAG WS11 / RS15 video systems
  • Profile Projectors
  • Accessories
  • Viewing systems
  • Second-hand

We develop and produce high-precision optical measurement and centring microscopes, hardness testers and profile projectors.

Alongside our comprehensive standard range, we are also able to respond to specific customer requirements and offer customised product solutions. From R&D and testing to production, commissioning and service, our highly skilled team is available to assist you from a single corporate base.

The profile projectors ISOMA have a worldwide reputation due to their high precision. These measuring systems allow a quick and reliable checking. They are successfully applied in the watch industries, technical medicinal ranges etc.

Optical hardness tester in Vickers units
Hardness testing of the smallest cylindrical and flat parts. Optical and digital reading. Choice and automatic weight selection means the handle.
Standard microscope
S40-VM with front view, chockproof eyepiece angled at 30°, integrated rotating goniometric head 360°, reading on vernier 10', graticule S110-15-001 with continuous cross lines and 16 numeralized concentric circles, real image, magnification 40x calibrated, field of view 3,60mm, working distance 55mm. Diaphragm with locking system.
S40-OMP with top view, chockproof eyepiece angled at 20°, integrated rotating goniometric head 360°, reading on verniere 10', graticule S110-15-001 with continuous cross lines and 16 numeralized concentric circles, real image, magnification 40x calibrated, field of view 3,70mm, working distnce 35mm. To be mounted on additional table M15904.

Industrial measurement technology for optical inspection
We are specialist providers of optical test systems and illumination systems as well as software for use in quality assurance and image processing for the manufacturing and medical sectors. With our precision instruments for industrial measurement, you can examine products of any size for material defects and measure them with microscopic precision. Our product range extends from illumination systems to stereo microscopes. Below you will find a list of our systems for optical inspection. Illumination systems – LED rings and lighting for imaging and microscopy.


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