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With AMT's broad range of offered products and services for a large variety of Thermal Spray applications we are your leading partner for innovative high-tech turn-key and equipment solutions. Due to AMT's long experiences of Thermal Spray applications and its deep understanding of customer needs and expectations, we are able to offer you tailor-made and customized systems and coating solutions at all times.

Specialized in major Thermal Spray technologies – such as Plasma or HVOF – we design and build integrated coating systems which fulfill the OEM’s coating specifications in all kind of industries such as Aviation, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Medical, Automotive, Electronics, Steel and more.

Thermal Spraying

AMT's Coating Shop offers a various range of Thermal Spray processes such as Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS), HVOF-LF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel - Liquid Fuel) and -GF (Gas Fuel), Twin Wire Arc (TWA), Flame Powder and Fame Wire. Its two turn-key systems are equipped with multiple control units and multiple station handling as well as tilting turntables to cover a broad variety of complex geometrical parts.

AMT's coating experience has a history of more than 40 years. Today, renowned companies of the Aero, IGT and General industries are trusting AMT's coating quality.



AMT offers various grinding, honing and polishing procedures for the post-treatment/finishing of Thermal sprayed coatings such as carbides and ceramics. One of AMT´s specialities is the superfinishing process of the coating surfaces.

Metallographic Laboratory

AMT's coating shop is equipped with a metallographic laboratory which consists of:

  • Manual cutting machine (Labotom-3, Struers)
  • Hot embedding machine (CitoPress-1, Struersl), manual cold embedding
  • Automated grinding and polishing machine (LaboPol-25, Struers))
  • Digital light microscope for coating analysis (Di-Li2009, Di-Li)
  • Digital light microscope for coating analysis (VHX-500, Keyence)
  • Digital picture analysis to determine the average coating porosity
  • Vickers hardness measurement device (DURAMIN Typ 05656242)
  • Surface roughness measuring device (MarSurf Typ M400 + SD26, Mahr)
  • Coating thickness measurement device (Dualscope 20, Fischer)

Application Support

AMT's coating shop experiences are offered to customers in training sessions during the pre- and final acceptance of turn-key systems and in coating development projects. Apart the knowledge transfer of the Thermal Spray process combined with a broad range of powder and wire feedstock materials, AMT also provides services to design tailor-made masking systems, part and gun holders as well as trainings for particle diagnostics (AccuraSpray).


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