LK-Metallwaren GmbH

LK-Metallwaren GmbH

LK Metallwaren is your professional for hall heating, water treatment, sound insulation and process technology.

National and international companies from warehousing and logistics, industry, manufacturing and plant construction benefit from our versatile special solutions made of metal. Because they get everything from one source: advice, sales, own production at two production sites in Germany, assembly and service.

We protect the environment and the resources of our clients through our innovative and highly efficient products. For more than 150 years - for the sake of the climate!


Hall Heaters

Heating, ventilation, heat recovery



These added value factors combine the hall heating systems of LK in an optimal way. All systems work very efficiently and ecologically. Due to the high efficiency of the systems, the energy consumption is significantly reduced, thereby saving costs.

The decentralized air heater from LK generates and generates heat in the same unit. This system technology is available with innovative condensing technology. In this technology, in addition to the heat of combustion, the heat of condensation of the water vapor in the exhaust gas is used. The plant efficiency in this technique is 106% (based on calorific value).

The central ventilation systems from LK are suitable for regenerative types of heating such as geothermal and solid fuels. These systems are equipped with an intake and exhaust fan. The exhaust air is fed through an integrated heat recovery with an efficiency of up to 73%.

LK plant systems are used in workshops and production halls as well as in logistics and commercial buildings.

All LK hall heating systems comply with the current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) as well as the requirements of the Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG).


Individual sound insulation concepts for the industry

Protect your employees from noise in the workplace

Noise pollution in the workplace must not be: it affects the well-being of employees and harms their health in the medium term. Soundproofing is therefore an important health measure that can be installed quickly, effectively and economically.

For more than 30 years, LK has successfully developed sound insulation concepts for a wide range of industries and requirements. On the basis of detailed sound level measurements and frequency analyzes, our competent specialist engineers develop an individual and needs-based solution for each customer. In doing so, we place our focus both on in-depth consultation and on the technical and economic execution: Design and assembly costs are coordinated with our customers.

The soundproofing components made of steel are manufactured by LK in modern production equipped with CNC machines. From the complete soundproof cabin to machine enclosures and partitions, to silencers, special installations and suspended absorbers for large halls, we offer the right soundproofing for every requirement.

Our own assembly teams reliable and on time. Upon request, our customers can also pre-assembled the individual elements and install them in their own rooms. Ease of use of the respective technology is a matter of course at LK.

Water Treatment

Systems for environmentally friendly filtering of polluted industrial water


Since the founding of the water treatment division in 1980, LK has been developing a large number of water treatment systems for industry and commerce around the patented "System H" separator system. In order to meet high procedural requirements and maximum technical availability, LK plans and builds wastewater treatment plants of various capacities, in energy and space-saving design using high-quality materials. The individual and innovative solutions can include the following plant types:

  • Light oil
  • physical process
  • chemical process

Here, the modular systems of wastewater treatment can be combined with each other to provide a holistic solution to their problems. In order to ensure that their processes run as smoothly as possible, our systems are also designed for system capability and can be equipped with monitoring technology and even telecontrol technology. System solutions from LK are used in areas such as the extension of service life of baths or the treatment of effluents for recycling or small discharge volumes and can be operated both by the customer and as an operator model by LK.

Processing Technology

Process equipment for industry


Not only hot air ...

... but energy-efficient plant technology combined with high-quality use of materials.

LK also pursues this principle in the area of ??process technology. In addition to flue gas heat exchangers for a wide range of industrial applications and process technology combustion chambers, which have been manufactured by LK on a customer-specific basis since 2006, process-specific compact systems have also been part of the portfolio since 2012. Depending on the requirements, the combustion chambers are available in different material combinations made of heat-resistant or corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are used, among other things. a. also used in the compact, modular built-in, exhaust, recirculation units.

As an alternative to the directly fired heat exchangers, it is possible to realize heat generation through the use of gas surface burners, pump heat registers or electric heaters. In doing so, LK always deals with the customer-specific requirements and wishes so that the customer can decide for himself which heating mode he chooses and which system specifications are relevant for him.

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