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BGN FORRER was founded in 2010. The company adopted and applied the know-how and extensive experience of BGN Group and from the first days of its operation it is certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

From the first establishment, until today, the company monitors the development in technology and the increasing needs of the Bulgarian and International market. Using state-of-the-art machinery, it is a modern Production Plant.

The investment rate of the company presents a continuous steady growth, which ensures the continuous improvement of production machinery and equipment, which requires the continuous training and specialization of the personnel.

We are an Industrial engineering company, who provide electronic and mechanical sub-contract services to the manufacturing industry from our facilities in Petrich, Bulgaria. Our areas of expertise are cable assemblies, PCB assembly (SMD/THT) and modules/systems assembly.


- Cables and Harnesses
- Electronic PCB Assemblies
- Electronic Systems
- Quality Testing

The wide spectrum of production capabilities of BGN FORRER in regards to the field of cable and harness manufacturing, is able to cover a vast number of today's modern technology fields such as Telecommunications, Automotive and Electronic Systems manufacturing. The capability of implementing fully-automated procedures by the usage of high-end Automatic Cable-Cutting Machinery, drastically increase the production's throughput as well as the quality of all the company's products.


The production capabilities and capacity of BGN FORRER to deliver both SMD and THT manufacturing technologies in the field of electronic board assembly, has as a result the coverage of all kinds of demands and specifications of the customer.

Our trained engineers can provide any additional knowledge including creation of pcb from scratch, programming and even a simulation of the manufacturing board using our enhanced tools.


BGN FORRER is able to deliver integrated solutions such as products that incorporate electronic, electrical and mechanical parts. Due to its state-of-the-art machinery and Quality Management System, high-end, quality products are delivered to the customer due to the the "Zero-defect" philosophy of the company.


The continuous - dynamic improvement of the Quality Management System of BGN FORRER, along with the implementation of the assurance procedures philosophy as well as its quality certificates, ensure the capability of delivering complete high-quality solutions to the customers. Product prototyping - sampling of all the products of BGN FORRER is done according to ISO-2859 and all the products of the company comply with the IPC standard of Electronic Industries.

Engineers and test operators commonly use data acquisition hardware and software to verify functionality and ensure the quality of finished goods. This may include a wide range of manual or automated electrical, mechanical, or environmental tests.

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BGN FORRER in 2850 Petrich

Company BGN FORRER from 2850 Petrich Bailaho: The company BGN FORRER offers products and services like Cables, Harnesses, Electronic PCB Assemblies, Electronic Systems und PCB Assemblies. Send an inquiry o this company to set the first steps in a business contact. Please let the company know that you found them on Bailaho.

BGN FORRER 2850 Petrich  Cables,  Harnesses,  Electronic PCB Assemblies,  Electronic Systems und  PCB Assemblies

Mestnost Kumli
2850 Petrich

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Firmensuche B2B Firmen BGN FORRER
Firmensuche B2B Firmen BGN FORRER
Firmensuche B2B Firmen BGN FORRER

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