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VSI Kunststofftechnik GmbH

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Tailor-made plastic products for your individual logistics tasks

We are specialists in the production and distribution of plastic products for the transport, warehousing and logistics industries. As a competent partner, developer and service provider, we advise you on the selection of the optimal product and work with you to create a concept for your specific requirements. Whether plastic containers, sheet steel containers or Euro containers, whether plastic pallets, hollow panels or GLT - we look after you in all phases of planning to the finished solution. In VSI Kunststofftechnik you have a reliable contact person and receive everything from one source.

We have been working in the field of plastics technology and innovative packaging solutions for many years and have an experienced team of specialists in the development and distribution of plastic products for the transportation, warehousing and logistics industries.

Our many years of experience and our know-how combined with maximum flexibility in the planning and execution of your wishes make us your reliable partner, developer and service provider for your comprehensive demands on modern transport. An individual, continuous support of your logistics project - from the beginning to the end - is natural for us.


containers Stacking containers made of plastic are refillable boxes that can be transported on ISO or Euro pallets depending on the base area. Stackable plastic containers are used in many industries: KLT and medium boxes in the automotive industry, E Performance as a meat container or standard containers in the food industry.



euro containerEuro standard container
Medium tanksKLT container
Euro container STANDARDMeat container E / F Performance


Space saving containers
VSI space saving containers are stackable and nestable plastic boxes. Stackable and nestable containers can be nested as empties and stacked one above the other. For stacked containers, the desired position for stacking or nesting is achieved by a simple 180 degree rotation. The volume savings in space saving containers is up to 85%.

boxes and folding boxes Folding boxes and folding boxes are space saving containers that are often used to deliver to stores: as empties, these plastic returnable containers can be reduced to one quarter of their original volume. Only the principle of volume reduction distinguishes between two types of containers: In a folding box, the long sides are folded inwards via hinges; in the folding box, the side walls are laid one on top of the other.
Foldablefolding boxes


cases Plastic cases are stacking containers with lids and one or two handles. The basic container for a suitcase from VSI is a stackable RAKO with closed side walls. A hinged lid with snap fasteners is attached to this RAKO. In addition, the plastic box can still be secured with a lock, on request even with a locking system with multiple keys.

euro palletshalf pallets
ISO pallets 



Containers VSI pallet containers are stackable bulk carriers GLT based mainly on ISO pallet basis. In addition, there are folding large-capacity containers such as the VDA-GLT for the automotive industry or the KLAPA with applications in a large number of industries. PALOXES are rigid BGLs that are particularly popular in agriculture. Both rigid and foldable pallet containers are so stable that they can be stacked filled into high stacks.


Folding large load carriers KLAPA

Rigid bulk carrier PALOXE


ESD Products
Electronic components should be transported or stored in containers or on pallets of electrically conductive plastic in order to protect them from electrostatic discharge. Our storage and transport system ESD prevents a possible electrostatic discharge. In addition, the sturdy plastic containers protect the contents from mechanical damage, dirt or moisture.

ESD plastic pallets

ESD storage boxes
ESD stacking containerESD Dollies


Storage bin
The Storage bin SILAFIX enable simple, clearly structured system for the storage of small parts. They create a clear order in the small parts warehouse of industrial companies, in small workshops, service vehicles or at home in the hobby room. SILAFIX can be closed with a lid or cover. Inserts allow a further subdivision within the storage bins.

Storage binAccessories & Lid
module containershelf containers


Special Products
In this section you will find all the products that we additionally carry in our assortment, such as trays, glass baskets or old battery boxes. These items can be used for a variety of purposes: bakeries, butchers or in the catering industry.

Container for bread and baked goods

Conveying trays (trays)
Gastro-shellshazardous Goods containers


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VSI Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 21
57290 Neunkirchen

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