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Route du Vignoble 17
2017 Boudry
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Mikron Automation is your worldwide partner for advanced assembly solutions.

At Mikron we are committed to delivering the best assembly systems and all needed services throughout your product’s entire life cycle. With our extensive engineering know-how, complex process expertise, scalable platforms and lifelong support we are driving lasting success for your business.



  • Pharma / Medtech

    When it comes to medical devices, device reliability and high quality are essential for the patient safety and can be absolutely expected from any Mikron automation equipment.

    Whether it's an injection pen, auto-injector, inhaler, syringe, molecular diagnostic or other medical device, Mikron's experience with automated assembly lines provides an very high level of reliability and scalability.


  • Automotive

    Adaptive manufacturing solutions for a dynamic automotive industry are key. The automated assembling of automobile components massively reduces costs, time and errors in the manufacturing process and strengthens your competitiveness.

    Automobile manufacturers are continuously developing their vehicles to differentiate themselves from other car manufacturers – by adapting to the needs of the market such as offering better performance, more comfort and increased safety.


  • Consumer goods

    When a customer buys a consumer product, they expect it to work right out of the box and to have a positive experience with it throughout the life of the product.

    However, the consumer goods market is largely driven by price sensitivity and multiple product variants.


  • Electrical / Industrial

    If you work in the electrical or building sectors, component reliability is paramount.

    Whether you manufacture circuit breakers, micro-relays, wall switches, gas valves, sprinklers, or other electrical and industrial components, human safety is always at stake.

    Any mistake or defect during assembly can lead to serious consequences, such as malfunctioning products, safety hazards, and damage to your brand reputation.

    The key to achieving this is through reliable assembly systems that ensure precision, efficiency, and repeatability.


Your partner for scalable assembly systems and services

Mikron scalable solutions are the results of decades of experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance assembly systems based on proven platforms, the integration of complex processes, and value-added services.

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Mikron Switzerland AG
Route du Vignoble 17
2017 Boudry

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Firmensuche B2B Firmen Mikron Switzerland AG
Firmensuche B2B Firmen Mikron Switzerland AG
Firmensuche B2B Firmen Mikron Switzerland AG
Firmensuche B2B Firmen Mikron Switzerland AG

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