List-Magnetik Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich List GmbH

List-Magnetik Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich List GmbH

Since 1967 we are engaged in developing and manufacturing Coating Thickness Meters, Magnetic Field Meters and Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Equipments. Due to our deep knowledge and experience in the Magnetic Technology we are the specialists and your strong partner for everything concerning Magnetizing, Demagnetizing and Magnetic Measurement.

List-Magnetik is a world wide developer, manufacturer and dealer

Coating Thickness Meters

Two measuring techniques are used to measure the thickness of layers over a metal substrate. Firstly, the magnetic induction, that is, when the substrate is self-magnetizable (steel or iron), and, secondly, the eddy current method, that is, when the substrate is at least electrically conductive (other metals such as aluminum). We specialize in those two techniques of coating thickness measuring, and we are sorry to say, we are unable to offer you equipment for the thickness measurement of ceramics, glass or plastic. A coating thickness meter is usually used in the quality assurance of coating processes, for example to determine the paint thickness of a paint job, in the testing of vehicles or steel structures, in fire protection (determination of the layer thickness of steel doors). It is not only a paint thickness gauge, but also gumming, anodizing and galvanic coatings can be measured.

  • -   Coating Thickness Meter TOP-CHECK
  • -   Coating Thickness Meter MEGA-CHECK
  • -   Coating Thickness Meter MEGA-CHECK Pocket
  • -   Calibration Foil Set
  • -   Thermal Printer TOP-PRINT4



Magnetic Measuring

Magnetic fields are invisible. The magnetism of a workpiece can only be recognized by the effect on other steel parts or chips. Often, however, residual magnetism is an undesirable effect, and that is why it is increasingly the subject of quality audits. Magnetism is also an important component of mechanical engineering. Without a magnet, there is no electric motor. The functionality of a magnetic switch depends on the strength of the actual magnet. For the magnetization of ferrite or neodymium materials, strong magnetic fields are required, which must be dynamically measurable during generation.

  • -   Magnetic Field Meters
    • -   Magnetic Field Meter MP-800
    • -   Magnetic Field Meter MP-2000
    • -   Magnetic Field Meter MP-1000
    • -   Magnetic Field Meter MP-5000
  • -   Measuring Probes for Magnetic Field Measuring
  • -   Residual Magnetic Field Meter MP-1
  • -   Residual Field Testing Device M-5
  • -   Magnet permeability meter Ferromaster
  • -   Fluxmeter FL-4


Magnetizing and Demagnetizing

Magnetizers? -In the magnetizing process, a non-magnetic material (e.g. iron) becomes magnetic. The magnetization is effected by a parallel alignment of the elementary magnets in the material. For this purpose, the material is exposed to an external magnetic field.
Demagnetizers - A demagnetizer reduces the residual magnetism / the remanence to a value close to zero, and are therefore used in the demagnetization of machine parts of all kinds, tools, cutting plates and bulk material.



Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

The Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement is used to determine the thickness of a material, for example the wall of a tank or pipe. An ultrasonic thickness gauge is also applicable for detecting material errors, as a corrosion tester. The ultrasonic test technique is based on the fact that sound waves propagate differently quickly in different media. Objects can also be inspected by the thickness tester in the built-in state, as necessary in the case of pipes, tanks and only one-sided reachable parts. The sound waves are reflected to the thickness gauge at the rear side, and cavities, inclusions, cracks, etc. inside the part to be tested, reflect the sound pulse, and send it back to the probe of the ultrasonic thickness tester, which acts as both transmitter and receiver.

  • -   Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges MX-1 MX-2 MX-3 MX-5DL
  • -   Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges MMX-6 MMX-6DL
  • -   Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge PX-7DL


Testing Devices

List-Magnetik offers a small selection of Testing Devices, which is in demand as a supplement to our measuring devices. They are devices of well-known manufacturers and excellent quality, to which we can also advise you.

  • -   Magnet Pole Detector M-8
  • -   Magnet Pole Detector M-9
  • -   Paint Inspection Gauge P.I.G.
  • -   Multicross Cutters
  • -   Wet Film Thickness Gauges







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Contact Information

  • List-Magnetik Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich List GmbH
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List-Magnetik Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich List GmbH

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