Almatec AG

Almatec AG

Almatec AG is a leading resource for customized, innovative and intelligent enclosure systems in light metal technology for telecommunications, transport engineering, energy and industry. We create for our customers a measurable added value with the lowest costs over the entire life cycle of the product.


Business segments where you will find us

Our long-time experience in enclosur-technology is obtained and implemented from the following strategic business areas:

Telekom / ITEnergy


From us you can expect something

Good service serves all. 
Good service belongs to high-quality housing systems.

For years, Almatec has been synonymous with successful cooperation. More than 80 motivated employees  contribute actively to a unique company culture. With intensive training and readiness for new challenges, we guarantee extensive expertise in future,
innovative solutions and good service.

- Quality development and support

Improve products, develop new products, fulfill customer wishes, be innovative and attractive and develop competitive solutions - 
these are our goals. To fulfill your requirements, we incorporate the experience gained from a wide range of projects in the areas of cooling, telecommunications, transport, energy and industry. With the experience of our long-term employees and the know-how of our network partners, we find optimal solutions for our customers.

- Project support in planning, design and prototyping

We evaluate and discuss intelligent, innovative approaches with our customers. The subsequent production is already optimized in 
the design and construction phase due to a methodical approach using the „ProEngineer“ program and maintaining close contact 
with specialists from the production department. To reach the series production stage, Almatec provides support, from the construction of functional models and prototypes up to product certification.

- Analysis and Tests

Thanks to the company-owned acoustics lab equipped with state-of-the-art recording and measuring devices, we will find for you the best acoustic solution that will comply with the stringent regulations and standards in the market. In collaboration with our
long-standing professional partners, we also support our customers with thermal simulation for cooling concepts, layout design 
for the installations or the optimization of air management.



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Almatec AG