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INTERNORM Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Str. 5
49401 Damme
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Franz Grimme founded the company in Damme in north-west Germany in 1987. Since then, INTERNORM, a Grimme Group company, has been developing and producing high-quality plastic products in its own plant: rollers and cylinder coatings made from polyurethanes, also cast and injection-moulded parts. 

We provide you with comprehensive, customized solutions made from plastic and plastic-metal compounds. You are welcome to benefit from our wealth of experience. 


Our design and development teams support you from the first ideas to production in series. We can process all common thermoplastics for you. Besides polyurethane those are primarily: PE, PA, POM, ASA, TPU, PP, TPE and glass fibre-reinforced polymers. The advantage of injection moulding is low individual part costs in large batches. 


The casting technology at INTERNORM promises good products in a short time with simple moulds. Using our [PUR] Intec E und Intec D materials, we can offer you a product for small to medium batches, or even solid components weighing up to 900 kg.

These polymers exhibit outstanding technical and chemical properties. There is no tempering process in cold-casting technology. Consequently, it is a somewhat simpler and hence less expensive method for producing cast parts.


  • Advice & concepts
  • Product development and prototypes
  • Efficient materials
  • Logistics & dispatch
  • Tests & quality control
  • Design and mouldmaking

Are you looking for a partner who will support your product development? If so, then INTERNORM can meet the specific requirements of your brief. In doing so, we strengthen our position when it comes to products for future markets.


  • Screening and sorting technology
  • Steel & aluminium processing
  • Paper, foil/film, textiles
  • General machine engineering
  • Foodstuffs
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Wood, glass, gypsum
  • Leisure industry and consumer goods
  • Materials-handling and storage systems
  • Can industry, metal packagings

Be successful with a strong partner

If you’re looking for a strong partner to help you develop and manufacture your products in series, then INTERNORM can be that partner. With many long-serving employees and 35 years of experience in the processing of polymers, you can draw on a huge wealth of expertise. You can benefit from that proficiency, tap into our knowledge. We’ll be happy to support you!

Our product teams are highly specialised with an interdisciplinary make-up that involves purchasing, design, production, QA, warehouse and sales all working together. We keep an eye on costs and functionality right from the onset of product development. Series production is accompanied by comprehensive quality assurance measures. Our procurement staff have international contacts and excellent access to all the primary and secondary items needed to manufacture your components. We can supply you with finished subassemblies. However, many other exacting industrial polymers are processed in our injection moulding department.


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INTERNORM Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 5
49401 Damme

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