Swiss Steel AG

Swiss Steel AG

With a broad range of high-grade, bright and free-cutting steel we have achieved a outstanding position in the European automotive-, engineering- and apparatus-construction industry. Consistent quality, high delivery performance and efficient logistics are strengths which in turn ensure that our customers have a strong position in their own markets.

A wide range of dimensions for the most diverse needs
Our range of fine-tuned analyses ensures that the properties of our steel grades meet your specific requirements for processing and final use.

We offer steel bar and wire rod in an optimal size range for our customers. Our finishing options are also suited to their needs.

Our range of diameters:

Wire rod in coils          D:   5.5 - 44.0 mm  (round)
Wire rod in coils          D: 17.7 - 42.5 mm  (hexagonal)
Special wire in coils    D:   6.0 - 14.0 mm   (ribbed)
Bars in bundles           D: 16.0 - 66.0 mm  (round)
Bars in bundles           D: 17.7 - 62.0 mm  (hexagonal)
Special merchant bar  D: 16.0 - 40.0 mm  (ribbed)


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Swiss Steel AG