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BERO Technik AG

BERO Technik AG

Im Ebnet 2
8370 Sirnach

We are a competent and flexible SME operation whose strength lies in the processing of materials for equipment in the chemical, cryotechnical, biochemical and food industries.

Herbert Kolloge KG

Herbert Kolloge KG

Offenbacher Landstraße 204-208
60599 Frankfurt am Main

Technology in seals and gaskets -- Technical wholesale trade -- Engineering, Production of special seals and gaskets -- Partner of the leading manufactures

Pro Plating SA

bd des Eplatures 46e
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

Electroplating plants, iron and metal manufacturers.

Happy Plating GmbH

Leobersdorfer Str. 42
2560 Berndorf

Service Companies, Surface Finishing, Machines, Installations and Equipment Wholesale, Management co

Alunni SA

rte de Bussigny 21-23
1023 Crissier

Iron and metal manufacturers, chromium plating.