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Google: In the normal search mode, with a lot of product references and the whole content. Search terms, keyword combinations and keywords with suffixes / prefixes. We are indexed by Google on a daily basis, which means that Patek is the content on Google is always up-to-date. Try it - directly from Google: Link 1  Link 2  Link 3  Link 4  Link 5

In addition, we are present on Google via AdWords. Here, in addition to our normal positioning as part of our advertising campaigns, and in consideration of our advertising budget, we also advertise ads. The trick: our customers' search words are incorporated into our AdWords campaigns. In addition, Adwords will be shown with respect to remarketing. This means that Internet users who have already visited Bailaho are increasingly seeing banner ads and adwords on Google and on many other sites.


Yahoo: Bailaho is integrated with all content and countless product references. Results are routed with pinpoint accuracy to the results pages. Thus seekers always find the right provider. Try it out - right on Yahoo: Link 1  Link 2  Link 3  Link 4  Link 5



Bing: On Microsoft's great meta-search engine, you can find Bailaho's total content in search results under relevant keywords of companies listed at Bailaho. Give it a try - right at Bing from Microsoft:Link 1  Link 2  Link 3  Link 4  Link 5


Yandex: On Russia's largest search engine, you'll find Bailaho with total content in search results under relevant keywords of companies listed at Bailaho. Try it - directly at Yandex:  Link 1  Link 2  Link 3  Link 4


Baidu: On for Asia's biggest Meta-search engine, you can find Bailaho, with the total content in the search results under relevant search of Bailaho registered company terms. Try it - directly in the case of Baidu: Link 1  Link 2  Link 3  Link 4


Social Media: For the Bailaho Social Media is an important communication and marketing channel. Patek with their own Accounts at Facebook and Twitter, where the news in a timely manner will be published. Via the function "Bookmark and Share" in each company entry can be own entries to Bailaho on over 300 Social Media portals, the user (!) Accounts published for use with the user's own network-shared. Via Social Media and the Small-World Paradigm, according to Stanley Milgrim. You can read about the following press release! Or visit us at Facebook or Twitter!


Advertising on visit Premium sites: We scatter ads on many heavily-visited sites via Remarketing. This means that Internet Users that Bailaho have already visited more banner ads and Adwords on Google and on many other pages tight.


In the press: Whether Online media such as Blogs, Online Newspapers, forums, or other editorial web projects, Print media, such as Newspapers and magazines or TV reports, TV advertising, Radio, etc., We strive to make us efficient press work. We spread our press releases via over 120 different press release distribution to all the major editors and editors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other EU countries. Now you can find online press reports in the media about Bailaho in sufficient quantity. Give it a try on Google: Bailaho Pressemitteilung


Promotions and trade show activities: Patek conducts high-quality promotions and trade show activities. For the year 2016 Patek is planning a trade fair presence at the CEBIT in Hannover. But also on sports events, such as, for example, in football. Read the following press releases: Bailaho beim Länderspiel Deutschland vs. Schweiz   or  Bailaho beim ran-Jahrhundertspiel Deutschland vs. Italien .


The main prize-winner and two-time award winner at the SME programme: Bailaho has assigned to the programme for SMEs, and the first, second and third prize - from over 2,000 applicants. The SME programme has been running for 10 years and supports SMEs by funding commended prizes worth over 1.000.000 €. With the kind support of Prof. Dr. Lothar Späth. Press release.


A member of the VDAV: The Federal Association of information and directory media in Germany. For transparency to our advertisers and users, and to us from the black sheep of the industry distinctive to stand out. Press release.


A member of the SADV / EASDP: The Federal Association of information and directory media in Switzerland, directory of media, takes under the microscope, to he awards the title of "guaranteed to be reputable directory medium". Through this Association, automatically the European Association integrated the EASDP - European Association of Search and Database Publishers. Press release.


A member of the cyber forum: Bailaho is a member of the cyber forum. A network of over 10,000 companies in Germany belong to. Large companies as well as SMEs. Press release.

Finalist and representative for Germany at the European Business Awards, said: Bailaho came at this year's European Business Awards among the finalists. Press release.


Best of 2012, 2013 and 2014 at the innovation award IT of the initiative Mittelstand in the category Internet Service: The Federal-wide Award is a high level of competition in Germany and is awarded under the auspices of the Federal Commissioner for information technology of the Federal government >> Press release. In 2013, the competition in Germany under the auspices of the lower Saxony Ministry for economy delivery awarded. Here, too, Patek won the coveted award. >> Press release. And also in 2014, Bailaho was able to place again as a Best Of in the category.


Best of industry award in 2013 and 2014, and 2015 in the category "IT & software solutions for the industry: The nationwide Award is a high level of competition in Germany. Over 1,200 applications submitted in 2013, out of which the Jury had selected. Press release.