Game On Masters für Google Partners - Bailaho is a part of the competition

by Admin2 on 01-08-2016 in Pressemitteilungen

Bailaho was pleased when the parcel courier arrived in the first work week of the year and handed out a package from Google with a large wall calendar, several desk calendars and some coupons for Google Adwords that can be passed on to customers.

The package is one of the Game On Masters for Google Partners. Under this name, the Google Partners competition for the promotion of campaigns and advertising is part of the Google Adwords advertising program.

Bailaho offers the support of Google Adwords campaigns on demand and takes over the entire administration of the campaigns in the agency business. All kinds of Adwords campaigns are managed: Adwords on the Search Network, on the Display Network (that is, on third-party sites), video ads, and ... and ... and ... Also the coveted Remarketing ads.